PT. Sarana Dunia Pendingin

Company Profile

Starting from a company primarily engaged in providing spare parts, PT. Sarana Dunia Pendingin which was established in 1999 began to develop the business by becoming a contractor for the engine coolant.

With more than 10 years experience and supported by expert team, our company continue to improve, from the development of modern technology with eco-friendly concept to energy-saving technologies, making PT.Sarana Dunia Pendingin as a Green Contractor that committed to provide the best services and total solution to the clients.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision : To become a trusted company to give total solution in product and services.

Mision : Give the best service to achieve customer satisfaction. Continous improvement to create a professional working environment and to support the noble values of the company.

Core Values :
1. Team Work
2. Honest
3. Effective
4. Responsibility
5. Innovative
6. Customer Oriented

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